Friday, December 3, 2010

growing up too fast...

Everett is 9 months old today- 9 months!!! He is growing like crazy. Such a sweet, happy baby. He is curious and interested in everything. He's started to understand that even when we take something away, it's still there. He's a crawling pro. We set him on the floor and he's in the kitchen playing with the dog bowls in a few seconds. He recognizes his name when we say it. The dogs are his best buddies. He has the biggest smile and a squeals with excitement when he sees Aaron walk in the door from work. He entertains himself, but loves to be held. It is so cool to watch him grow and develop and discover new things. Everett makes being a parent pretty awesome. There are the occasional fussy evenings, but they're few and far between. We are usually looking at his sweet face and his big, toothless grin utterly content to be his mom and dad. Truly my heart is full, completely and totally. Happy 3/4 year my little love!

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Paul and Sarah said...


He is so cute and you just cant help falling in love with that smile!