Thursday, July 14, 2011

design dilemma- opinions please!

So, I'm stuck. I thought I had made a decision about the space between my new curtains. I had resolved myself to get this fantastic round framed mirror, paint it white and hang it in the middle of the wall. I wanted something simple because of all the pattern in the curtains. I used painters tape to give myself an idea about how much of the wall it would take up and how it would look. I was pumped and then my brother in law burst my bubble. Remember I told you I was spray painting our little mirror/key holder by the door? Well his exact words were, oh another mirror? I hadn't thought about it to that point, but I will then have two mirrors on the same wall. ugh. So now, I need your help. Which option do you think will look best:

Option 1--- Keep the mirror idea. No big deal. It'll still look good:

Option 2--- Try something like this idea from Pinterest. Plain and pretty simple, but cute too:

taken from pinterest

Option 3--- Use fabrics that were used to cover pillows and frame them. Use 3 white frames and 3 different fabrics: My only fear with this one is that it may be too much pattern? It'd have a similar set up to this picture I found on pinterest. I'd use the fabric we got for recovering the pillows.

taken from pinterest

So, what do you think? 1, 2, or 3?! Do you have another idea for me? I'm all ears. And while you're at it, tell me why!


Katie @ Loves of Life said...

Okay, don't think I'm crazy...but my sister recently did this in her house and it looks SO CUTE. You can do the 3 frame do some sort of plain colored background (can use fabric or scrapbook paper) and then frame a vintage (or not) doily (how the heck do you spell that??). Since the doily itself is only a solid color...either white or off white, it makes for a CUTE design on a colored background. I could see 3 big chunky frames with them. I swear to you. Would be the cutest thing ever. Now I need to go find a picture from my sisters house....

rlcochran4 said...

Not sure about the doily idea beacue I am new to your site and have not looked around your house enough to give a good opinion but if you have a feminine vibe going on it think the doily idea my husband woudl flip over lace (plus we are raising 4 boys so there is nothing dainty in my house)