Tuesday, July 19, 2011

new sign via picnik

So, I've been redecorating. You know this. I have also been soaking in tons of inspiration via pinterest. I found a quote on there that I love and wanted to find somewhere and somehow to display it. I also stumbled onto a fantastic blog and found an AMAZING tutorial on how to create free printables on picnik.com (it's a photo editing website that's FREE! I love and adore it and use it all the time). So, this morning over coffee, I came up with a sign for my kitchen. All I have to do is head over to a staples somewhere and print it out! I haven't decided yet if I'm going to frame and hang it or slap on some modge podge and add it to a canvas. Either way, I'm pretty excited about it!  What do you think?


Sarah said...

Love the sign! Picnick looks awesome, I'm definitely going to have to try it out! I've been enjoying your home updates, they look great.

a blog full of weldons. said...

so stinkin cute!! gotta love picnik!