Tuesday, July 26, 2011

sidewalk chalk

Best $1.29 I ever spent. Okay, maybe not, but it was still fun. I randomly saw it at Riteaid and figured, why not? We tried it out today and I only had to fish 2 pieces out of Everett's mouth. I call that success. He drew some, but didn't really seem to understand what he was supposed to do with the chalk. He was more interested in taking the pieces in and out of the box. I'm fine with that. Not to self- next time buy the thick stuff. The skinny chalk was too thin for his chubby little fingers.


climbchic24 said...

Who is that little blondie. I'm not sure I recognize him. ;) I miss Mr. Buddy Man. The girls do too.

Kristen said...

tell me about it! he misses you guys. seriously- NEED to get together when we're back from Canada. As for the blonde... I told Aaron last night that I had been putting sun-in on Everett's hair. he believed me... haha

Tiffanie {Pineapples and Pickles} said...

He's a cutie! Thanks for commenting on my blog and leading me to yours. I look forward to following.