Thursday, January 24, 2013

adventures in potty training

We took the plunge. You know- the potty training one. I really contemplated it over the summer, but I heard so many stories about kids regressing after a new sibling. I was completely uninterested in cleaning poop off the walls or out of underpants for that matter. Plus, with moving to his big boy bed and a new brother, we figured that was enough change.

Fast forward 5 months. We hadn't broached the subject of potty training, because Everett refused to poop on the potty. In the last 5 months, he had peed plenty of times, but was refusing #2.  Enter Everett's bff Nolan. He was potty training. I told Everett about it and all of a sudden he wanted to potty train too. And just like that, we were potty training. (Thanks Nolie!)

Our first 3 days at home were spent pants-less. I left the bathroom door open and his little potty on the floor. And that was about it. He spent the days running into the bathroom when he felt like it. The first time he pooped he just ran in and went and then came out yelling "Mommy- I pooped!" haha. Apparently, he was ready.

We had our first public restroom encounter 2 days in. It was ridiculous and hilarious all at the same time. He walked into the bathroom and did a belly slide to look under the stall. (blech. so gross) He then proceeded to try to touch everything in the stall and got mad at the toilet for flushing when it was his turn. Seriously. I wanted to de-germ every part of him and me after that experience, while trying to contain my laughter because he was saying and doing the funniest stuff.

Since then, he wears his "night time pants" (pull-ups) during nap and overnight and regular undies the rest of the time. I can't help but think a little boy in undies are darn cute. Just me?

disregard the messiest playroom ever

We have been amazed at how well he's done. In the last 3 weeks, there've only been 2 pee accidents. Potty training has been relatively painless, which is awesome; however, there has been a different casualty... sleep. Everett has been waking up consistently between 6-7 because he needs to pee. We make him go back into his room, but he's awake, and like clockwork he needs to poop 30 minutes later. I know we'll be glad later, but seriously, my newborn is sleeping later than him. Can't win them all I suppose.

I'm so glad we waited. So glad things are going so well. So glad (like Everett prayed tonight), "that Nolie is pooping and peeing on the potty" too. 2 year old boys are hilarious.

Friday, January 11, 2013

month four

-laughing at daddy
-rolling over back to front
-chunky thigh rolls
-still sleeping through the night
-talking like crazy 

This kid is pure sweetness. Some days I just cannot believe he is mine!