Monday, April 20, 2015

and baby girl makes 5

Back on Easter, we announced that the Windles will soon be a party of 5 come September. Not only that, but we're evening out the numbers some and having a sweet baby girl!

From the very beginning, Aaron and I both thought we were having a little girl. I was so sick the first trimester, so much worse than with the boys. Add in a rough winter and by the time 12 weeks rolled around, I wasn't quite ready to announce the pregnancy. We decided to wait until we knew the gender to make an announcement. Thankfully, Aaron's cousin is an ultrasound technician and was sweet enough to let us know what we were having at 18.5 weeks, which was 2 weeks before my scheduled ultrasound. I wanted to announce it to my family in person over Easter. I started thinking that it'd be fun to send them on an easter egg hunt to find out. I bought a golden easter egg and hid it with the kids easter eggs for their easter egg hunt. I filled it with pink glitter and then let my family know it was hidden in the yard somewhere. It was fun watching their reactions. My parents have 4 grandsons (after having 3 daughters), so I think everyone was surprised and excited! As we were taking the pictures of the boys I asked them if they knew what the pink meant. They had no idea, which was hilarious. They're both excited about a baby sister and have had a lot of practice with their 2 baby girl cousins, Lyla and Adelyn. 

Baby girl - we can't wait to meet you and love you dearly already!