Monday, July 23, 2012

my brother got married

Okay, so technically, he's my brother in law. But the thing is? Since marrying Aaron, his brothers have been the brothers I never had. They beat up on me, give me a hard time, stick up for me, and love me like I am their own sister. We are real with each other and tell it like it is, even when it's not necessarily what we want to hear. And so, I call them my brothers.

On Friday one of my two brothers got married. Over the last 9 years, I've had the chance to be a part of Seth's life. I've watched him mature and grow into a really amazing man. We've spent countless hours hanging out together, sharing holidays and meals and lots of laughter. I've watched him love my son like he was his own. In fact, Uncle Sah gets most of the shout outs during Everett's prayers.

Last summer, we met Brenna and we knew she was here to stay. You could tell by the way Seth talked about her and the way he treated her and the way she so comfortably fit into the craziness of the Windle clan. I remember encouraging Seth to wait for a woman that would love all of his wild, crazy, awesome self and Brenna did just that.

Friday I got to stand with them and watch them get married and I cried. I blame the pregnancy hormones, because I never cry at weddings, but I think the other part of it was that I was just so incredibly happy for my brother. I was excited for this day and the woman that he had prayed for, that we had prayed for for him. Excited that he had found that woman who loved him so well.

Congrats brother. So proud of you. So happy for you. Brenna, sister - welcome to the crazy.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

single digits

My due date is exactly two months from today. I'm officially 31 weeks and in the single digits until our babe is due to arrive. I can't believe it and, then again, I can't believe I've still got 2 more months for this belly to grow.

I'm still feeling good. No major complaints other than the fact that I'm carrying high and the baby feels like it's in my lungs. Example A:

Some days I can't sit on the floor with Everett or lean a specific direction because the baby is literally jamming his/her feet into one of my lungs. I carried the exact same way with Everett. I'm not sure if it's just the way my body carries a baby or if it's signs of another baby boy.

I'm up to 19 lbs gained. My goal is to keep it to 30 lbs or less. I gained 33 with Everett. All my clothes are still fitting fine, but I can tell my belly is getting bigger and my thighs for that matter. I had a few nights this week that I couldn't get comfortable and one night that I slept terribly. I blame it on anxiety over Everett's move to his big boy room and bed (he did awesome by the way! details to come).

When I was pregnant with Everett, my face and specifically my nose got bigger. That's not a joke. It started around 29 weeks. Example B:

This is me at 32 wks at my Pittsburgh baby shower. Schnoz in full effect. I've been hoping that the nose/face swelling didn't start with this baby until at least next weekend. Reason being- my brother in law is getting married and the last thing I want are a bunch of family pictures of me with a big swollen face. So far so good. Thank you Jesus.

I still think there's probably a little boy in my belly, although lately I've been accidentally referring to the baby as she. Not sure where that came from? Maybe my friend Lauren's dream: she dreamt that I had a little girl and named her Tetley because I love tea (which I do not). haha. Everett goes back and forth between thinking that he's going to have a little brother or sister. Aaron claims that "he has no idea and doesn't know why I keep telling people he thinks it's a boy" ha. So, we're all over the place on gender.

It's getting close. Pretty soon I won't be able to see my toes

Everett wanted a "turn" taking mama's picture 

I started getting the nursery baby-ready. I cleaned the crib. Aaron moved the mattress back up the highest setting. I organized the nursery closet. We're starting to slowly get ready. It's hard to believe that two months from now we be a family of four. Here's to hoping I've got lots of energy these last 9 weeks to get stuff done and maybe that it won't take 9 weeks to meet our newest little love!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

our little linguist

Everett is talking up a storm these days. It's hilarious and adorable and we absolutely love it!
Here are some of my current favorites:

--- Recently when Everett gets a treat or something special to eat he yells- "Ooooh boy- I likey!"

ring pop goatee... he "likey-d"

--- Everett has taken to backseat driving. (I'm willing to guess Aaron thinks it's way more adorable than my sideseat driving...) He'll say things like "turn the wheel daddy" "slow down daddy" "green- go!" "drive daddy!" etc.

--- If he doesn't get my attention when he yells mommy to me he starts yelling all the other names that people call me. This weekend it was "krisen!" He's also been yelling "beem!" to both Aaron and I. It took us forever to figure out, but that is his version of babe, which Aaron and I call each other often. It makes me laugh and then I have to remind him that I'm Mommy to him :)

--- Everett seemed to have found his senses too. He'll say "I snell someptin" and when I ask what he says anything from grass to stinky cows to fries. His other favorite sense is hearing. All of a sudden he'll say "ah! a noise!" and proceed to try to guess what it is.

--- We've been playing a lot of the repeat game lately too. He'll make a sound or sing or say a word and then want me to repeat it. He says, "Mommy do dat!" over and over and over.

he "snelled" doggie poop and wanted to take his turn cleaning it up...

Everett man - 
you are so smart and funny and adorable. Life with you is more fun than we ever imagined!