Sunday, June 16, 2013

an incredible example

He didn't tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it. 
(Clarence Budington Kelland)

Aaron- Our boys are so blessed to watch you live this life. You aren't perfect but you are present and loving and kind. You know when to say you're sorry and you know when to hold your ground. You love them well and you love me well. What an incredible example you are to them of what a godly man looks like and lives like.

Happy Fathers Day, love.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

nine whole months

This month was a crazy one. In the span of a month, Graham went from doing the worm, to crawling, to crawling faster, to pulling to stand, and occasionally letting go. Good gracious! I jokingly (except not) tell people that I was stunting his growth on purpose so that he wouldn't crawl as early as Everett (6.5 months); however, that seemed to backfire on me. Graham seemed to just cluster all kinds of craziness into the last month. He's still just as sweet and happy as ever, but he is getting into everything the second he's put down. Now,  if I can't watch him, he's relegated to my hip or his pack and play. I forgot all about this stage --- the one where everything goes in the mouth and everything is fair game to touch, play with, and attempt to eat. Today, it was a half a piece of crayon and an iphone charger. The stationary baby phase is over, which promises to make the next few months insanely busy. It is so fun though, watching Graham exploring and looking over at me to smile when he finds something cool or fun. Trying to get his 9 month pictures was a prime example. He sat in the chair for about 3 seconds before he decided he wanted to turn around and pull himself up to stand on the rocking chair... and then bounce around to make the chair move. 

It was a good run buddy. Here's to exploring and praying you don't eat too many crayons!