Monday, August 27, 2012

we bought a zoo

Okay, we didn't. We just went there. My dear friend Lauren bought Everett (and Aaron and I) a day pass for his excellent ring bearing skills at her wedding. We finally found a Saturday to go use the pass and hang out at the Philadelphia Zoo. Everett was so so excited. We talked it up and told him about all of the animals that he'd get to see while we were there. He wore his cool new elephant shirt that he was oh so proud of. The entire drive there he kept saying- I want to go to the zoo!

The day was so fun. Just the three of us. Everett's excitement was so dang cute. He would look and point at the animal and when he was done say "nother one?" and off we went to see more. He spent a lot of time on daddy's shoulders to see over the crowds. Pointing and yelling and saying hello to every single animal we met. "hi hippo!" "Hello rhino" etc etc etc.

His favorite animal was definitely the gorillas. I think mainly because one gorilla was sitting right beside the glass and Everett got to see him up close. He also really liked the reptile house and the otters who put on quite a show for him. 

Everett didn't want to leave and cried the whole way home. Apparently we've got an animal lover on our hands. We had such a fun day together --- and one of our last big adventures as a family of three.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

it's the final countdown

Less than 4 weeks and counting. woah. A month ago, I was getting uncomfortable and ready for this baby to come out. Now, I just want him/her to stay in for a few more weeks to make sure I can finish nesting. After getting home from Canada, I wrote up a long list of all the things I'd like to get done/clean/finished around the house. I got most of my kitchen list checked off last week. Here's to hoping I can get the rest done by the time baby 2 shows up.

I feel like I'm nine months pregnant. The baby is still riding super high and making it hard to breathe. As promised, my nose has gotten bigger. I could definitely do without that pregnancy side effect. My cravings are now pretty much just crushed ice water - anything else gives me heartburn. The problem with that is that I am drinking so much of it that I've been getting up to pee like 3 times a night. Well, and really, pretty much every time I stand up I've got to go, but I'll survive. I have started getting tired easily and my belly is seriously bulging. Case in point:

Holy belly. I'm up to 24 pounds gained, which is okay. I feel like I'm not quite as big as I was with Everett... so that's a bonus. Must be all that chasing a 2 year old around. Speaking of- I've got less and less energy to keep up with him. I'm praying for bursts of energy to be able to hang with him and enjoy him these next few weeks. He seems to be getting excited about his baby brother/sister. He keeps telling me he'll be a big help --- he shows me how he'll rock the baby and change it's diaper on things like baby dolls and his Woody doll. It's pretty darn cute. 

Last night, my brother and sister in law watched Everett overnight for us. We got to go to dinner and enjoy what will most likely be our last date night before baby 2. We had a nice dinner, looked around for baby boy and girl going home outfits, and (i'm pretty sure) finalized our little girl name. Good thing too because everyone I talk to thinks we're having a little lady, even the Chinese calendar. I'm still thinking it's a boy, but all this girl talk has me wondering! Either way, we are getting so excited for the surprise. I can't believe I've lasted. It's some kind of miracle! 

As excited as I am, I'm starting to get anxious too. Remembering how painful labor and everything after were with Everett makes me kind of sick. I'm also getting anxious about being a mom of two. Loving, raising, caring for two little lives seems a little daunting at the moment, and to be honest I'm already missing having just Everett. Aaron and I have talked a lot about this lately- just how much we love devoting our time to him and enjoying and paying attention to all the things he's doing and saying. 

I think I'm dealing with all the emotions that most moms do- wondering if you'll love the second as much as the first, contemplating if you'll survive and/or every make it out of the house ever again, and wondering how the first will adjust. For now, I'm just praying for a healthy baby and delivery and that everything falls into place after that. Ready or not here we go!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

just like daddy

As long as I've known Aaron, he's loved boating. Being out on the water wakeboarding and tubing is something he's always loved to do and has done since he was little. This year in Canada he took Everett with him and the little man absolutely loved it! Everett took tube rides with daddy and wasn't scared at all. Every time he came by the cabin he would wave and stand up on the tube. He even tried out mama's wakeboard. Everett loved putting on his vest and begged to be out on the tube or the boat almost every day. Seems like he loves being on the water as much as daddy.

evening boat ride

excited for a tube ride

showing off

baby and mama watching from the dock

watching daddy

really excited to be like daddy

one of my favorite pics of my favorites

There is nothing sweeter than watching these two together. Love love love.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

what we've been up to

business casual wednesdays

hanging out on mom's bed

reading to mommy

watching daddy play softball


dogs too

bike riding inside
bike riding- outside

getting "hollipops" for going potty outside

going to mommy's doctors appts

visiting mimi and pop-pop

spending as much time with our friend as we can before the big move

taking pictures "by himself" 

falling asleep on daddy

working on his swing

"ooking for birdies"

falling asleep in the car. almost daily

swinging like a big kid

playing with cars

We've had such a busy month. Weddings. Trips to Pittsburgh. Pool days. Park days. And heat wave after heat wave. Everett's been such a good sport. Hanging out at home with me when I'm feeling too tired to go somewhere and up for adventures and errands when we have to run them. We're hitting the homestretch of the pregnancy. Six weeks until baby two. I'm soaking up every day with my sweet boy because I get the feeling that August will fly by just as fast as July did.