Thursday, February 28, 2013

retiring the sign

This has been hanging on the wall in my dining room for the last year:

I made the sign almost exactly a year ago to tell everyone that we were expecting another Windle baby. I took a million pictures of Everett with the sign until I got the two I wanted for our announcement. 

After that, I hung it in our dining room because I just loved it. It was such a sweet reminder (along with my growing belly) of the new life on its way. 

After Graham was born, I just couldn't seem to erase it. Not sure why; however, today I finally need the chalkboard for Everett's upcoming birthday. I took a few last pictures of my baby #2 holding the sign. It's funny to think about all of the unknowns of a year ago --- and now today knowing all of the sweetness and certainty of our lives with Graham.

 I'll miss seeing that sweet sign on our dining room wall. 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

the small things

I think in life and relationships it's easy to see the big stuff and easy to forget the small things. So often, I take for granted the small stuff. And lately, I've been really thinking about my husband and all the little stuff that he does that adds up to big stuff for me. 

-the way he makes coffee for me, every morning, even if he's not going to drink it
-the way he takes the dogs out before he leaves for work so that I don't have to
-the way he puts my phone on my nightstand because he knows I like to know the time when I get up
-the way he saves me the good creamer if there's not much left, because he knows I don't like milk in my coffee
-the way he changes Graham's diaper and gets Everett to the bathroom if they wake up before he leaves
-the way he gets dressed downstairs so that he doesn't wake me up shuffling around to get dressed

All these things happen before 7 am every single day.


I so appreciate you and all of the countless small things that you do daily that add up to one big awesome life together. You are the best husband and friend I could have ever asked for.


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

five months

month five highlights:

finding his feet
becoming a pro at rolling
laughing at his big brother (a lot!)
trying oatmeal for the first time
grabbing at everything
a visit from Mimi and Pop-pop

not impressed

favorite moment:

We were sitting around the dinner table and I had my eyes closed while Aaron was praying. I heard Graham laughing and looked up to see them (Everett and Graham) smiling and laughing at each other across the table. I'm sure it won't be the last time.

It's been another month of loving you sweet boy. Every time I look at you you are smiling or laughing.  You are so easy to love my Graham man!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

thrift store randoms

I follow lots of blogs- mom blogs, diy and home blogs, but my most favorite blog is Young House Love. I love the way their humor, their knack for design, and their DIY skills. So anyway, they randomly had a Thrift shop blog challenge. I saw it and didn't actually plan on participating, until I found myself at Goodwill the other day. The challenge was spend 20 bucks or less and then share all your treasures. Apparently, there were other hilarious parts to this challenge, but I only half read it. Oops? 

Anyway- I only bought 2 things and spent less than 5 bucks. I got Everett a sweet dinosaur puzzle. He's all about the Dinosaur Train (a show on PBS), so it was perfect to add to his puzzle collection... especially for 97 cents! The real treasure was a little vintage booster seat for Everett. For the last few months, we've been dealing with Everett wanting to sit at the dining room table like a big boy, but he is constantly wanting to stand up to see things. I've been on the hunt for a booster seat, but wasn't really trying to spend very much money on it. Enter Goodwill. I saw it and almost passed it up, until I realized what it was. I even picked it up and then put it back down. Thankfully, I ended up bringing it home with me! It's got a grippy material on the bottom (like the kind you put under rugs or to line cabinets) and it's vinyl, so it's easily cleaned off. The pattern is fun and vintagey without competing with other patterns in the dining room. He was super pumped about his special seat, and I'm super pumped that I don't have to ask him to sit down 437 times per meal.

3.97 - holla!

Everett approved

I love it and better yet, Everett loves it!