Monday, March 19, 2012

our september baby

Some fun facts about our newest little love:

* We originally thought we'd start trying in September, but I wasn't ready. I wanted more time with my wild and crazy man.

* I knew I was pregnant before I took a test:
Rewind to June 2009--- the week that I got pregnant with Everett, I got an email from my friend Jess. She said she had a dream that I was pregnant, which was a few weeks before I even took a pregnancy test. It turned out she was right and I was pregnant with our little man. Fast forward to the end of December. My dear friend Charity sent me an email and said that she had a dream I was pregnant. It was (again) weeks before I would find out, but with the same exact thing happening before, I just knew I was pregnant! I love the way my friends dreams are so prophetic!

* My parents were in town when I found out that I was "officially" pregnant. In fact, my mom was the first to find out because I wanted to surprise Aaron.

* I told Aaron by putting Everett in a big brother tshirt when he woke up and sent him into the bedroom. His expression was priceless. We did the same to tell the rest of the family.

* I spent most of January and February on the couch, because I was so dang exhausted. The worst symptom I had was definitely fatigue. I was only nauseous for a few weeks, but ended up having a nasty cold for over a month.

* I've thrown up more with this new baby and in random places like Everett's bedroom trash can and Jazmine Thai restaurant during Valentine's dinner. hahahaha

* According to our first ultrasound, baby 2 is right on schedule for his/her September arrival. The heartbeat sounds great and was 160 at our last appointment!

* We decided not to find out the sex of baby 2. We are so excited to be surprised when he/she's born!

* If you ask Everett what's in mommy's belly he yells- baby! It's so darn cute. I'm not really sure he understands quite what that means though :)

* We already decided on a boy name and no we aren't telling. Now, if we could just agree on a girl name!

* I'm finally feeling human again and got some energy back. Thank goodness for the second trimester!

Monday, March 12, 2012

waking up

I'm not sure what it was--- the dreary winter months or the months of endless tired and sick from baby 2, but somewhere in there I forgot. I forgot to be thankful. I forgot to pause in my day and remember how blessed I am. And then, something about yesterday woke me up. Maybe it was the day spent with my boys or the idea of a week filled with sunshine and warm temps, but last night I remembered. And today? It's been the best of days with so much to be thankful for.

a hardworking husband off to work before I wake up
my good sleeper still laying in bed at 8:30
a coffee from dunkin donuts
windows down, jamming to adele
the need for sunglasses

best friends to hang out with
rite aid across the street and toy story band aids
Everett's joy when he sees his friend lijah (Elijah)
running into more sweet friends at the park
waving to my boy across the playground and him waving back with a huge smile on his face
lollipops and boys with sticks

a little hand to hold on the way to the car
a target trip with no meltdowns
finding a fedora for the beaches in hawaii

a gift card and a smoothie from starbucks
talking to Aaron and hearing Everett say "love you daddy" over and over
everett wanting to wear his sunglasses because mommy is

holding and rocking everett even though he's already asleep
back door open with sun streaming in
tulips on the dining room table

birds chirping and dogs sleeping
plans for grilling and dog walking after dinner

It still rings true--- thankfulness does bring more thankfulness. What a perfect Monday.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

KONY 2012: My thoughts on your negative ones

For the last five years, I taught high schoolers a class called African-Asian studies. It was a survey of the history, culture, religions, and geography of two continents that my students often didn't know much or anything about. Throughout my teaching career, the Invisible Children organization came to my school and presented their different videos and informed kids what was going on in Uganda. Every year, I saw students affected by what they saw. Sometimes disbelief, but often sadness and a desire to help make a change for the children of Uganda. Students started clubs, raised money for schools in Uganda, and opened their eyes to the world beyond Chester county.

This week, Invisible Children released a new campaign called KONY 2012. There has been a great outpouring, but with lots of criticism as well. If you haven't already, take the time to watch the video and understand what the purpose of the KONY 2012 campaign is.



For me, the negativity is hard to understand. It's hard to comprehend people's criticism of a group trying so desperately to make a change to better the lives of people in Central Africa. It's hard to understand why people can't see the hope of the message found in Invisible Children- the idea that no matter who you are you can make a difference. IC started with 3 college kids who saw the devastating circumstances children were living in and have spent the last 9 years working tirelessly to try to make a difference for people they could have just forgotten about. It's hard to understand how the critiques can be made and yet so many of the people critiquing it aren't coming up with any other solutions to the problem.

And, when it comes down to it---

Isn't this what we want for future generations? Don't we want kids to see beyond themselves and to the great needs of the world? Don't we want to empower them to dream big and to leave the world a better place than when they came? 

Well, I do. And if it takes something like the Invisible Children organization to motivate, educate, and grab the attention of our youth and the world, then I think they're right on.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

two years


I can't believe it. Two years, already? It seems like just yesterday we held you for the first time and, then again, I forget what life was like without you. This year has been so much fun. You really grew from a baby to a little boy. You mastered the art of running and also of falling. You found a love for swimming and baseball, horses and dogs, Buzz and Woody. You went from one or two words to more words than I can count. You make us laugh every day at the funny things you say and repeat and do. You'll do anything to make people laugh and love an audience. You bring so much joy, so much laughter, so much life to our family. We can't wait to see all that this year holds. I can't wait for more adventures and getting to see you as a big brother!

Happy 2nd Birthday my sweet boy.

I love you so much,


Thursday, March 1, 2012

month by month

He was so little. So mobile and smiley and into everything, which still hasn't changed. 

Summer time. Everett loved everything about it. Swimming in the pool. Going to the cottage and the cabin in Canada.
 He still had what we lovingly refer to as his "Michael Strahan smile."

Blonde and tan. Summer looked good on Everett. He had a blast at the beach with his buddy Nolan. 

Trips to Springton Manor and Mimi and Pop-pop's.  Lots of petting zoo fun and Halloween candy.

Steeler love. Plenty of horsey rides and lots of fun at Christmas.

A little bit of snow and a lot of Woody. Excited that Mama has a "baby in her belly"