Tuesday, May 27, 2008

she.... he... whatever

Aaron and I have wanted a dog (okay, maybe just me but he went along with it) since we've been married. Because we rented, we weren't able to get a dog. As soon as we moved into our house in April, I started looking for beagle puppies on petfinder.com (if you want to rescue a dog check there- it's great!) The adoption process at most shelters was tedious, but we really wanted to rescue a dog so I filled out about a million 5 page applications. We ended up finding our dog Marley at Lamancha Animal Rescue in Unionville.

So I really wanted a girl and when we showed up at the rescue and saw the puppies we were overjoyed when the guy told us they were sisters. Aaron and I decided to pick the smaller, cuter of the two and take her home. We were SO excited! We named her Marlee and took her home with us that night. I sent pictures and messages to friends telling them how cute my girl was. The next day we took Marlee to play with Polly (my in-laws dog) and the first thing out of Diane's mouth was.... uh, Kristen, this isn't a girl. ha! So, the rescue mixed him up and it turns out the two dogs we looked at were both boys! I know what you're thinking. How could we mistake a she for a he. Well let me tell you, at 10 weeks, they look exactly the same just in different spots! haha Either way we love our pup! He is a great dog and is learning fast. We'll keep you updated on our growing boy.

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