Thursday, August 5, 2010

philly fanatics

For an anniversary, most people go out to dinner, somewhere romantic perhaps, maybe a weekend getaway or just some alone time are on the agenda; however, that was not us for our anniversary this year. We were sitting 9 rows back from home plate with Everett and 43,000 of our closest friends. Okay, maybe not, just Uncle Sethie and our friends Amber and Nate Todd :) You see Aaron's boss just happened to send Aaron an email on Wednesday (our anniversary was Thursday) offering him 5 diamond club tickets for the next night. It was a no brainer really. We wanted to take Everett to a game and this was the perfect opportunity. Awesome seats, a parking pass, and $30 per ticket of food or merchandise. I mean really, who wouldn't want these?! Anyway, so Thursday came and we headed down to West Chester, picked up our fellow diamond clubbers, and headed off to Citizens Bank Park. Everett was all decked out in his Phils gear (compliments of Aunt Sara Thomas) and did such a good job all night! I'm pretty sure it was just sensory overload for a while. He just sat in Aaron's arms and looked around. After ordering sodas, cheesesteaks, chicken fingers, fries, and hot dogs (and Everett having a bottle) we were all feeling pretty good. A few innings later, Amber and I were off in search of dessert. The diamond club ran out of vanilla ice cream (boo), so we trekked up a level in search of the good stuff. Apparently everyone else in the stadium was getting ice cream too, because by the time we got back to our seats Amber had melted ice cream all over her hands, legs, and feet! When we got back Everett was passed out on Aaron looking adorable. So adorable, in fact, that the camera guy came over and put him on the jumbo tron! Seriously, do you know how many sporting events I've been at in my life and Everett's first professional game ever he gets on the big screen?! haha Cotton candy, more soda, waters, and beer were ordered. We were determined to use every last dollar on all the tickets (we did)! The game went to extra innings and the Phillies ended up winning. It was a perfect end to a perfect game.

our little family :)

the view from our seats

Aaron and Everett (I love this one!)

The Todd's

ice cream mishap

There may have been ice cream inside Amber's ring...

Nate plotting how he was going to get on the jumbo tron...

what Everett was doing when he got on the jumbo tron

Uncle Seth putting Everett to sleep :)

so cute




paulandsarah said...

Love the last picture with the hat on! So cute!

blogging comes does not said...

so so so adorable! what a fun anniversary!

Keshet said...

Oh my goodness I love this! We LOVE going to Phillies games. How much fun to go for your anniversary and get to take Everett.