Friday, September 3, 2010

happy 1/2 year!

Exactly 6 months ago today, Aaron and I were in the hospital looking at this tiny little person that was suddenly ours. It was scary and crazy and exciting all at once! We were unsure about how things would change, if we could figure out this whole parenting thing, and if life would ever be the same.

Well, 6 months later life is different, but in an incredible kind of way. Everett is such an amazing blessing. Who knew you could love someone so much?! He is growing up so fast! He's sweet and laid back (unless you aren't feeding him fast enough-ha!) and pretty content. He is happy to lay on his playmat and play with the dogs or to hang out in Aaron's lap when he's doing work. He rolls all over the place and often winds up partially under our living room furniture! He's started to rock on his hands and knees and seems like he's trying to figure out how to get where he wants to go. Everett loves to eat and can't get enough of his rice cereal or vegetables. Much like his mama though, the sweet stuff (pears) seem to be his favorite. Everett has doubled his birth weight and has the cutest, chubby cheeks that are overtaking his face. We are continually amazed at how fast he's growing and how lucky we are that he is such a sweet, easy going little boy.

Happy 1/2 year Everett! We couldn't love you more! ♥

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paulandsarah said...

He is so cute! I cant believe that it has been 6 months already. Time sure does fly! Congrats on such a cute baby!