Thursday, May 16, 2013

eight months old

My boy is slowly inching his way away from being a tiny baby. This month he started doing the worm.  He has started eating two meals a day. I've been keeping him on a nap schedule. We put him to bed around 9, instead of letting him sleep on our chest until we head to bed. I'm mourning the changes, simply because I loved having those sweet moments with Graham and because it means he's not so little anymore.

This age is my favorite! Still sort of stationary, but so incredibly happy and giggly and fun. He loves to cuddle and will still fall asleep on me if he's tired enough. I'm soaking it in before he gets too busy and wants to be down all the time. He is still just the happiest, sweetest, most content baby. He is such a blessing! Happy 8 months little love!

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Jan said...

Precious baby boy..Love him!