Wednesday, February 4, 2009

our wonder-dog

As most of you know, our older dog Marley is absolutely crazy! The lady who trained him said "I have NEVER seen a dog with this much energy, ever!" I have to agree. Marley is hyper... all the time. I have tried all kinds of things so that he can release all that energy: going on walks, going on runs, and even buying an attachment for my bike so that he can ride along with me. My latest attempt was to teach Marley how to run on our treadmill. It took a good month, but now Marley jumps on the treadmill and stays there until we stop it. I've had him on there running for an hour! We don't need to hold him there or have him on a leash- he just runs! It has been great to be able to exercise him without having to bundle up and go out in the cold. Sadly enough, I think Marley has put in more time on our treadmill than we have...

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