Friday, January 30, 2009

our newest family member

My friend Helene said it best when she blogged that "dogs are addicting." Apparently this is completely true since we are now the proud owners of a second rescue dog. It all started when we decided that Marley had outgrown his crate and needed a new one. It was at that point that Aaron said to me "well, I guess this means you'll want another one to fill the old crate." This wasn't what I had in mind, but it got me thinking anyway. A week later, I was bored and looking on at the dogs at Lamancha animal rescue where we got Marley. I had decided that if we were going to get a second dog, I wanted an older dog that was already trained. So, I found a cute hound/beagle mix who had been given to the shelter because of a divorce. I sent it to Aaron, but didn't really think anything would come of it. Well, I was wrong and Aaron wanted to go down and look at dogs that night. On the way to the rescue, I specifically told Aaron that I just wasn't sure that I wanted to come home with a dog that night. We went and looked at the grown dogs, but Aaron wasn't convinced. He insisted that we go look at the puppies. Well, at that point I knew it was over! We played with a number of puppies, until Aaron found one that he just couldn't say no to. He was a little guy with tan fur and a little pink birthmark on his nose. As soon as Aaron picked him up, the puppy started licking Aaron's face. Aaron looked over at me and said... Kristen- I really want this one. haha I just couldn't say no. So, we adopted the little guy at about 11 weeks old. Here are some new pictures of our new family member. We named him KAI (rhymes with Thai ... like the food) Aaron lays claim that Kai is "his dog" which has worked out wonderfully for me when he barks in the middle of the night :) haha Kai is really sweet and loveable dog, not to mention, much calmer than Marley. So without further adieu... here's our second little mutt, Kai

don't be fooled... they're usually chewing on each other

matching tails!

seriously adorable :)

aaron and "his" dog

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Steve and Helene Norris said...

What a cutie! How does he get along with Marley? We brought Riley over to a friend's house yesterday, and he had so much fun with their dog! Not to mention, he was incredibly tired when we got home and has been so laid back since. Oh, to have another pup :)