Thursday, October 14, 2010

celebrating my amazing husband

I am the luckiest. You can debate me, but I think I've married the most fantastic man alive.

Life with Aaron is always eventful and full of laughter; however, this past year I've gotten to see a different side of Aaron--- as a dad. It has been amazing. He is hands on and so in love with Everett. I am thankful that Everett has such an awesome, incredible dad to look up to. If possible, I think I love Aaron even more every time I see the way he interacts with Everett, and the way Everett lights up when he sees him!

Happy birthday to my incredible husband and the best dad ever!
I love you babe ♥


blogging comes does not said...

babies and dads are the best photos ever! LOVE it!!!

Jan said...

Good thing that it's Aaron's birthday - Everett's in the wrong jersey - Go Steelers!