Tuesday, February 22, 2011

month one

If you ask anyone, I have a terrible memory. But I remember our first day home from the hospital like it was yesterday. We have two crazy dogs and wanted a day to just come home and let them get to know Everett. We came into the house and the dogs were frantic and excited to see us. We had left them in a rush the night I went into labor. Luckily, my parents came and stayed with them until we got home from the hospital. Kai, our sweet but not-so-smart dog, had no idea there was anything even in the little baby carrier. Marley, on the other hand, sniffed Everett out right away and started barking. We had sent a blanket home from the hospital that Everett had slept in so the dogs would get used to his scent. Apparently Marley was the only one to pick up on it ;) It was a quiet day spent laying around with the dogs and baby. Looking back, I remember feeling such overwhelming excitement and a lot of uncertainty all at once. Were we really ready for all this responsibility? Too late for that I guess... We felt so green. I remember the first week I made Aaron change most of the diapers. I was so afraid I was going to mess something up with his little man parts... haha. Everett peed on the wall at least 3 times in the first week until we figured out how to quickly change a diaper, and went through multiple peed through outfits before my sister informed us that it needed to point down. We learned a lot that first month and laughed at the many things we messed up.

That first month, I also remember simply being in awe of Everett. I remember how much I felt needed. It was such a strange feeling that someone needed me for everything- to eat, to get clean, to be rocked to sleep. It was overwhelming at first, but I've grown to love the way he needs me. We had so many visitors his first month. So many sweet willing friends and family members with dinners. My parents who cleaned, and cooked, and did all our laundry at the house. I looked back at my prayer journal and found an entry from March 15th, "The past few weeks have been a whirlwind-- friends and family coming to visit, helping us, sending meals, and blessings. How thankful we are love for such love poured out upon us!" That first month was filled with such sweet, funny memories of starting our lives together as a family of 3.


Jan said...

I can still remember getting the call while having dinner with our YL director, heading home and mom and I driving til 2 in the morning to be there. Then wandering around the hospital at 4 am trying to find our way in! I would do that again in a heartbeat.

Kristen said...

love you dad :)