Sunday, February 20, 2011


I loved it. Really. Everett's been an easy baby since the womb. We found out I was pregnant on July 3rd. In the picture below we were actually at Chester County hospital to celebrate our newest little nephew, Philip Riggs, the day we found out!

I was sick for about the first 10 weeks, but nothing crazy. I was tired a lot during the first trimester because I was taking 2 grad classes and coaching girls soccer for the high school that I teach at. Add in the start of the school year, and I was exhausted. My second trimester was just as busy, but I had a lot more energy. I coached until mid-November because my girls won first place in the District and went on to the second round of the state playoffs. I was so proud of them- but utterly exhausted by the end of the season. When soccer ended, I finally looked pregnant and felt like I could enjoy it!

Getting back from Christmas break was difficult. I still had 8 weeks left until baby boy's due date and had lost all of my energy. Some days I barely made it home I was just that tired. Add in another weekend grad class (what was I thinking?) and I was really looking forward to March 8th! We had a ton of major winter storms that dropped a couple feet of snow on us. Those snow days provided some much needed relief from my daunting schedule; however, also provided some extra anxiety for me because I was trying to fit in as many days as possible before our little boy arrived. I wanted to take the rest of the school year off and needed to make it within 5 days of my due date!

Tuesday March 2nd was like any other day. I went to school and taught my kiddos with my super swollen ankles and belly. I remember having a discussion with a colleague telling him that I thought I'd go late.  haha Steve was probably looking at me thinking I was crazy! During our conversation I also realized that I had the exact number of days in needed take the remainder of the school year off. I guess I was nervous and wanted a few extra days incase of any other winter storms. I left school that day fully expecting to be back there teaching about Japan's economic miracle the next day. Little did I know...

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