Tuesday, April 3, 2012

the first month of two

25 months or 2.1 years old and regardless, my baby is so not a baby anymore. Everett is growing and learning like a crazy man. Almost everyday he says something new or makes some kind of connection and Aaron and I look at each other in disbelief. How did he get so big? When did he learn that? This Sunday he is going to be in front of church for the Easter celebration. It should be hilariously adorable, but how is he already old enough to do that?! He talks in 2 and 3 word sentences and says things like "down me please daddy?" and "where ______ (insert daddy, grammy, mimi, pop-pop, sah, benna, ka, e-ka, etc) go?" The other day he said "mommy run me" it took me a little while to figure out that he wanted to downstairs and get on the treadmill. He also insisted on mama and the dogs each taking their turns too. One of the phrases he says the most is "okay Mommy? okay Daddy?" He asks us if we're okay, making sure that we're alright. He asks us if one of us trips or makes a weird noise or are just sitting beside him. It's so sweet to watch his concern for mama and daddy. Our little man seems not so little anymore.

playing at the children's museum

He's figuring other things out too. He can put his boots on by himself. He has peed "on the potty" 3 times.  He's realizing that his friends have mommys and daddys too. He started making connections like Nolnie (Nolan) is usually with Car Car and Gweg and Eme is with Katie and Lijah (Elijah) is with Calli. He likes helping me around the house and usually feeds the dogs their dinner. He's finally found another show that he's interested in other than Toy Story --- thank goodness for Lightening McQueen. He knows how to get his cup out of the refrigerator when he's thirsty. This is less cool when he decides he's hungry for say chocolate syrup or yogurt from a few shelves up. He's becoming more and more aware of smells. When we drive down route 10, he says "eww stinky cows" because one day they were spreading the fields with manure and I blamed it on the cows. haha.

Everett and his friend Elijah

Because of the nice weather we've had this month, we've been outside a lot. At first, it was just me wanting to take him out to enjoy the weather while we could. Now it's Everett. Every morning without fail he asks to go "ouside" before we even eat breakfast, even when it's freezing cold. I love it. I love that he wants to be outside exploring and playing, even if it's just on our back deck. He loves to blow bubbles, "ride" his bike, and dig in the dirt from my old potted plants. Every time we pass a playground he yells- play! haha He hasn't quite figured out why we can't stop and play at every park in Chester County.

loving the playground

professional bubble blower/eater

exploring our backyard

holding hands
I know they call them the terrible twos and we have some days, some moments where they are; however, at the same time, they are so fun. I could do without the random tantrums or crying fits, but it's a process. I've found that his tantrums are sometimes just because I'm not understanding what he's trying to tell me. We're works in progress, but this first month of two has been so good. I love every minute of being this little boys mom.

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Katie @ Loves of Life said...

"MEMMY!" :P We love Everett. What a sweet little guy you're raising. Good job momma (and daddy).