Monday, March 19, 2012

our september baby

Some fun facts about our newest little love:

* We originally thought we'd start trying in September, but I wasn't ready. I wanted more time with my wild and crazy man.

* I knew I was pregnant before I took a test:
Rewind to June 2009--- the week that I got pregnant with Everett, I got an email from my friend Jess. She said she had a dream that I was pregnant, which was a few weeks before I even took a pregnancy test. It turned out she was right and I was pregnant with our little man. Fast forward to the end of December. My dear friend Charity sent me an email and said that she had a dream I was pregnant. It was (again) weeks before I would find out, but with the same exact thing happening before, I just knew I was pregnant! I love the way my friends dreams are so prophetic!

* My parents were in town when I found out that I was "officially" pregnant. In fact, my mom was the first to find out because I wanted to surprise Aaron.

* I told Aaron by putting Everett in a big brother tshirt when he woke up and sent him into the bedroom. His expression was priceless. We did the same to tell the rest of the family.

* I spent most of January and February on the couch, because I was so dang exhausted. The worst symptom I had was definitely fatigue. I was only nauseous for a few weeks, but ended up having a nasty cold for over a month.

* I've thrown up more with this new baby and in random places like Everett's bedroom trash can and Jazmine Thai restaurant during Valentine's dinner. hahahaha

* According to our first ultrasound, baby 2 is right on schedule for his/her September arrival. The heartbeat sounds great and was 160 at our last appointment!

* We decided not to find out the sex of baby 2. We are so excited to be surprised when he/she's born!

* If you ask Everett what's in mommy's belly he yells- baby! It's so darn cute. I'm not really sure he understands quite what that means though :)

* We already decided on a boy name and no we aren't telling. Now, if we could just agree on a girl name!

* I'm finally feeling human again and got some energy back. Thank goodness for the second trimester!


Jan said...

Yippee! We are all so excited for the new baby coming into our lives in September!

Paul and Sarah said...

Not finding out is SOOO much fun. Its so exciting to be in the room and the doctor ask "Do you want to know what it is???" Its so awesome to have to let it process for a minute. Congrats!