Thursday, May 3, 2012

half way there

20 weeks! I can't believe it?! It seems like the last few months have flown by and so has the second trimester. And speaking of--- the second trimester has been good to me. Less tired, more energy. More throwing up, but less aversions. More afternoon workouts, less afternoon naps. And--- the promise of a vacation with my love in 7 days! All in all, I'm loving it.

toes = still visible

My belly is there, but I am still just feeling pretty thick. I'm hoping that this belly pops out any day now so I can stop seeing the look in peoples eyes as they try to figure out if I just don't work out enough or if I've got a baby in there. Here's to hoping. I've gained 10 pounds. I think that's right about what I gained with Everett. I don't love it, but I'll survive. I feel like I'm gaining all over the place this pregnancy, which is unfortunate when the next months include the beaches of Hawaii and being a bridesmaid. One thing I've tried to work harder at during this pregnancy is working out. I'm not sure I worked out at all with Everett? I guess if walking my dogs counts. Regardless, I was too busy- working full time, coaching, and then being exhausted. This time around, I'm shooting for 3 days a week. That didn't happen more than twice in my first trimester, but this trimester I'm doing better. I have this video called the perfect pregnancy workout--- to me perfection would be not working out and still looking good, but I guess that's wishful thinking. This woman is the most jacked pregnant lady I've ever seen and she kicks my butt every.single.time! So doing her workout video 3 times a week is my goal. Not to mention chasing my two year old around and lugging all 30 pounds of him randomly throughout the day. I'm a realist- so three days is about all I've got in me.

brother and belly

Tuesday we had our 20 week ultrasound. I was a little apprehensive because I hadn't really felt too much kicking. Turns out I've got an anterior placenta, which basically blocks some of the babes movements because of where my placenta is. Sigh of relief and thank you Jesus. Healthy babies are a blessing and as of now, we've got one. We still didn't find out. If you know me, you know waiting for secrets and surprises are just not my strong suit; but somehow, this secret? I don't mind at all waiting for. It's quite possibly the coolest surprise ever, so we wait. The ultrasound tech was really good about having us look away when the important parts were being scoped out. Everything looks great with our little one who is now weighing about a pound! It is so fun to see the baby just wiggle and kick and dance around on the screen. His/her heartbeat has been 158 the last 3 visits... if I believed in old wives tales then I'd think we were adding a little lady to the family. Apparently Everett is on board with that because today when I asked him if he wanted a brother or sister, he emphatically said "sister!" The pregnancy is certainly different, but I'm not so sure we aren't having a boy. If it is a little boy, his name is all picked out and has been for a few months. We're still debating a little girl name and have 3 that we're throwing around.

little one slept through the ultrasound

Baby, we can't wait to meet you! Well- we can. At least for 17 more weeks.

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Hannah said...

Found your blog via Pinterest and had to stop over when I saw your due date :) I'm due with baby #3 on September 16th!