Tuesday, December 11, 2012

3 months

I am madly in love with you. You are the most awesome baby on the planet. You are always smiling. I ask you to smile and you give me that big gummy grin. That sweet smile is contagious. You are so content and laid back.  Happy to sit in my arms or lay on your playmat or check out what big brother is up to. Your cooing and talking melt me. Your amazing desire to sleep mirrors mine and makes me sane. The way you so patiently put up with all of the love Everett gives you is awesome.

The last three months you've filled our hearts with such incredible, undeniable joy. There's not one thing that I don't love about you kiddo.

xoxo - Mama

I can't handle how cute this is.

Graham didn't cry during the pictures this time, but he made it evident that he still dislikes monthly photos 

and just for kicks- Everett and Graham at 3 months


Joye Neff and Nicky "BG #38330" said...

What a sweetie! You have such a wonderful family.

katie ridings said...

happy 3 months little cutie!!

Katie @ Loves of Life said...

dyyying over the middle finger. dying. ;) his girlfriend flicks me off all the time too....not cool, not cool.