Sunday, June 10, 2012

26 week bumpdate

I feel like I've finally really popped. Aaron noticed and so has my night time try-to-get-comfortable ritual. It's like I went from feeling not really very pregnant to feeling really pregnant all in one week. I notice it when I try to get out of bed in the middle of the night and how heavy I feel walking on my feet first thing in the morning. Not to mention the scale... boo. When Everett sits in my lap to read a book he keeps trying to push back and make more room for himself on my lap. I'm not sure what he's going to do when only my knees are left to sit on. My clothes all still fit fine, but I'm in mostly maternity. I wore a regular tank top around the house yesterday and my belly may or may not have been peaking out the bottom. I don't normally get cravings, but the last two weeks I've been obsessing about ice cream. It's a problem. Again, scale, and boo. Okay it's not awful, but I've gained 15 pounds so far and still have 14 weeks to go. It could definitely be better, then again I could definitely not eat ice cream every day.

Wednesday I got another peek at my little one. Aaron's cousin Renee is an ultrasound tech and some of her students needed pregnancy models. Insert elated mama here. Renee was still in school when I was pregnant with Everett and she took tons of Everett pictures for me. This time around was harder. Because we aren't finding out gender, I didn't want to be scanned too many times. A person can only have so much self control and I've got barely any to begin with. Seriously. Maggie (the student) was very good about letting me know when "the parts" were going to show up on the screen. Let's just say, this time it was definitely harder not to want to just turn to the screen and look. I made it through, barely, without holding Renee hostage and asking what I was having. I'm still banking on it being a pretty awesome moment when this little bean makes it's arrival. Speaking of, according to Everett we are still having a "baby sister." He reaffirms that every time I ask. I'm still thinking it's a boy and so does Aaron. We'll see. Here's a few"woah there's her belly" pics and some sweet profiles. Yeay baby! Only 14 ish weeks to go!


The Riggs said...

Love it! And it is a GIRL :)

Katie @ Loves of Life said...

That purple shirt is sooo pretty momma! you look great ;)

Hannah said...

I'm 26 weeks too and really feel like I popped in the last week too :) All of a sudden, I'm not sleeping well at night because I'm so uncomfortable and I'm getting the "pregnancy waddle" LOL