Monday, June 18, 2012

lucky kiddo. amazing daddy

Yesterday was Fathers day. We were in Pittsburgh and spent half of it driving home. I didn't have any special meal planned and I had given Aaron his cards on Friday since we'd be out of town. I have a big special present for him in July, but nothing to give him yesterday. He didn't complain or pout. Instead, he helped me take care of Everett all day, drove us all the way home, and unloaded the car when we got here. That's the kind of man he is --- always willing to help, self-less, and full of love for his family.

I love watching him be a dad --- chasing Everett around the house and playing ball with him. changing diapers and making Everett laugh while he does it. putting him to bed every night and praying with him. being strong and manly and still willing to kiss boo-boos and hug and comfort Everett when he's hurting.

I can't say it enough- my husband is one amazing dad. It is a blessing to be his wife, to share life with him, and to have a family together.

Husband --- I am incredibly blessed by the husband and father that you are. Our children are and will be blessed because of the way you love and pour into them. Happy Fathers Day!

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