Monday, October 8, 2012

that little guy

Everyone has been asking how Everett is doing with his new little brother. And, the answer is awesome, incredible, and so sweet... but it didn't happen right away.

We got off to a slow start. I am sure it was confusing at first. When we left for the hospital, Everett cried. He wanted to come with us. He only partially understood where we were going and what we were going to do. When Uncle Seth asked him where mom and dad were he said, "the baby store" haha.

After laboring overnight, we needed some serious rest, so we waited to introduce Everett until after nap time on Tuesday. I think like most moms I built up that moment in my head --- like it was going to be some kind of heart melting moment and a big awesome kick off to a family of four. When he walked in he kind of looked indifferently at Graham and then proceeded to want to play with every button and wire in my hospital room. I'm not sure why I didn't see that coming.

We got a few little presents for Everett "from Graham." He loved that, but was still uninterested in Graham. He was getting restless so he took a walk with Daddy and Pop-pop. Everett was walking around with one of the presents from Graham and when asked where he got it Everett said, "from that guy- Grover." By the end of the night, Everett was warming up to Graham and even asked to hold him, but still wasn't calling Graham by his name. He referred to him as "that little guy" or "baby Maggie (our cousins baby born in June)." Looking back, I think that not knowing the gender of the baby made it a little harder for Everett to understand and adjust. And, regardless, it's a hard thing for any two year old to understand.

first time holding "that little guy"

headed home with a new backseat buddy

Every day after getting home from the hospital Everett has been more and more interested in little brother. It took a few days, but he stopped calling him "that little guy" and he started calling him baby brother and then eventually baby Graham too. Everett now wants to hold baby Graham most mornings when we wake up. He wants to help rock him and "change" his diapers. He wants me to take their picture together. He tells everyone about "his baby Graham" and is protective of his brother. He gets excited about having a bath buddy. He tells me that he loves baby Graham. These are the moments that I envisioned - those moments that you just want to live in. There is such a sweetness seeing the way Everett loves Graham.

still working on our his hold

"just like mommy"

kisses and McQueen

formal Woody introductions

bath time buddy

little brother's morning visitor

talking to brother

He's not perfect and wants to have Mommy to himself sometimes. He will usually say something like "Mommy- put brother in his swing." He seems to have figured out that when Graham is in the swing then I can play with him. He will say things like "burp me" or "feed me Mommy." My smart little guy knows that those things cause Mama to pay attention to Graham. And even 4 weeks later? He's still having trouble transitioning, but we know it's a process.

So, there is the long answer. My sweet boy is figuring out what it means to be the big brother. I am excited that one day my boys can have the kind of relationship that Aaron has with his brothers. For now, we're taking it one day at a time and in the hard moments, I'm trying to live in the sweet moments like this.


Hannah @Supermommy!...Or Not. said...

Seeing kids with their new siblings is so much fun! My baby is 9 days old and my 4 year old still calls her "the baby girl" Oh and knowing the gender ahead of time doesn't always make a difference...our baby girl was supposed to be a boy!

Ruthie Hoving said...

ooh this made me cry! even though Owen was younger than E with Tyler came along, we had a few of these same 'bumps'. There were many times (and still occasionally are) when he will tell me that "Ty wants to take a nap". But it never fails - every time he wakes up he wants to play with Ty, wants to share (and take) toys with (from) him, wants him to come with every time we leave the house, etc. It will continue to be a transition, but such a FUN experience to see them grow together!

Paul and Sarah said...

Oh how sweet they are together. Cant wait to see how Reagan reacts. Glad to see what you are facing adding a new addition. Gives me a little insight what I am in for.

katie ridings said...

awh brother love, that is too sweet :)