Sunday, December 18, 2011

the stockings were hung by the chimney with care

So, last year, we didn't actually have a stocking for Everett. Whoops. I had looked everywhere but didn't find one I liked for him. You see- my mom made stockings (and a tree skirt!) for Aaron and I our first Christmas together. They are adorable and made of red ticking, but were slightly damaged when we ran into a mold problem at our little apartment a few years back. I ordered some new fabric this year that I loved and asked my mama if she'd help me make some new ones. She (is awesome) and said yes. I had originally thought I wanted to make burlap stockings, but found it itchy and hard to work with. I ended up ordered a few yards of a tan and cream houndstooth and linen to match. I did my usual- cut out the stuff and mom sewed them for me. She sent them to me last week and I LOVE them! I wanted to personalize them and finally landed on a fabric pen. I had some leftover linen and wrote out Aaron's name and my initial to figure out which I liked best. I texted a few friends and Aaron to ask opinions. Aaron liked both and Carla and Katie both agreed with me on initials.

full name or  

initial it is

So- there you go...  our super cute Christmas stockings. The cool thing? Mom made me a few extra for future kiddos :) Thanks Mama for all your help and for always being the skill behind my many ideas. xoxo

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Paul and Sarah said...

Oh so cute! Love them!