Thursday, September 8, 2011

a pinterest project or eight

via pinterest
So, you know I love me some pinterest. It turned me into a DIY junkie and made my to-do list sky high. I've got about 5 different projects ongoing; however, all this rain is putting a damper on them. I've been spray painting like it's my job this summer (ask my neighbors) and have been halted by the "there's so much rain in the 10 day that kids have off school" forecast. Blah. Well anyway, one of my few projects that didn't require spray paint is done. Remember way back in April when I got around to showing you our DIY update? Well, basically, one of the things we wanted to do in 2011 was mount our tv above the fireplace. That, however, left us with little room for any decor on the mantle. (Insert homemade topiaries here). Fast forward 5 months and they just weren't doing it for me anymore. They seemed a little out of place with the new couches and fabric, but I couldn't figure out how to change it up without completely scrapping them. (Insert pinterest). I found this little tutorial about modge podge-ing planters and was sold. It was pretty easy and only took maybe 45 minutes start to finish. I used leftover fabric from the pillows to tie the topiaries to our new design and it only cost me the $4 for the gigantic bottle of modge podge that may take me years to finish. So here you go--- pinterest project number 1 of 18 million.


The Williams Family said...

They look great! Love your teal lamp shade too!!

Alicia said...

i've seen these covered pots in a few places...and i love them!! how fun! they're adorable! :)