Wednesday, October 19, 2011

animal obsession

Everett loves animals. I'd say he's obsessed. He sleeps with his stuffed doggie (and monkey and other assorted farm animals), chases our real dogs around the house while trying to hug and kiss them, wants to read his animal books over and over again, and tries to kiss every single animal he sees (ick). Aside from dogs, I'd say that Everett loves horses the most. I think it stems from seeing them so much over the summer at Grammie's house. There is a pasture that they rent out to horses and Everett saw the horses every time we went swimming over the summer. He even makes a clicking sound every time he sees them. So, I decided it was high time we went and saw some animals up close and personal- farm style. This week we had not one, but two playdates that involved animals, a friend, and a really cute little girl!

Monday, we hit up Springton Manor Farm with my friend Sara and her daughter Nora. Everett LOVED it. There are wide open spaces for the kids to run, fences to climb on, and a barn and fields full of different animals. They were in their glory!

hahaha this just makes me laugh

oh hello

Nora girl
intent on driving that john deere

On Tuesday, we met up with our friends Katie and Emeline. They showed us a sweet little farm with tons of animals to pet. There was a turkey on the loose and kiddos too. I think our favorites were the baby pigs. So cute!

can I seriously pet these mom?

my fave

curls galore

making the pumpkin into a bat of course

I'm so thankful for friends, sunny weather, and fun places to take Everett. It's been a good week :)

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Katie @ Loves of Life said...

I love the photos! Good thing one of us had a camera--what's up with me? Now I know I won't scare with you with my obsessive picture taking, I'll be bringing it from now on :) I love how Everett hung out with two pretty girls two days in a row! What a stud :) I've really enjoyed hanging out with you guys recently! xo