Thursday, October 13, 2011

some chevron action

Just call me a curtain snob. I can't help it. After my mom and I made my DIY curtains for the living room I just couldn't find store made curtains for the dining room that I liked. I looked everywhere, but they were all just disappointing. (Enter I found this online website for fabric and got free shipping and a crazy good deal on fabric for my new dining room curtains. I'll expand on the website another day. Add in a yard sale with friends that I made some cash and my $25 worth of curtain fabric was covered. Last week while in Pittsburgh my mom helped (read: did them all herself save my cutting efforts) hem the fabric. We decided that the last curtains were A LOT of work and decided that just hemming them and then clipping them up would be just as good. Here's the final product. I love it even more than I thought I would! The blue shows up almost neutral from the other room, but brings a little chevron love and some interest to my otherwise boring dining room.

chevron love

the curtains look almost neutral from the living room

nice view if you can see past the grill ;)

Kai loves the curtains too

closest to the actual color

*Sorry that every picture has a grill in the background... it's poor for picture placement but super convenient for making dinner!

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Katie @ Loves of Life said...

omg. You can never come to my house. Yours is so clean, and perfect, and WHERE IS THE CLUTTER? DO YOU HAVE ANY!? Gorgeous curtains by the way ;)